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Book Review: Brother Wolf, a Forgotten Promise

Brother Wolf, a Forgotten Promise“, is the undisputed king of wolf photography and narrative books.  National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg takes us on a tour of the deep, lonely woods around his Minnesota home, Ravenwood, tucked up against the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness near the Canadian border.

Of all the lower 48 states, Minnesota is the only one from which wolves were never fully wiped out.  And this book shows us why.  The unforgiving, bony, forgotten lakes and forests of Northern Minnesota have been home to wolves for as long as wolves have existed.  And Brandenburg reminds us of an ancient promise man made with these wolves long ago.

The photos of wolves, deer, ravens, eagles, bears and other wildlife in Brother Wolf are enough to win the hearts of everyone who loves wild things and wild places.  Add to that the narrative and stories told by Brandenburg, and this book is a virtual treasure.

If it’s not already part of your library, consider securing your copy from today.  You’ll be glad you did.

Book Review: Last of the Wild Wolves

“As if appearing in a dream, a stream of wolves emerged from the forest edge.”

So begins The Last Wild Wolves: Ghosts of the Rain Forest, an exhilarating journey to one of the planet’s most spectacular regions–Canada’s North Pacific coast, our largest intact temperate Rain Forest and one of the last places where wolves live wild and undisturbed.

Award-winning writer and wildlife photographer Ian McAllister draws from his intimate observations of more than forty wolf packs along this rugged coastline over a seventeen-year period in this first-ever documentation of their fascinating, complex way of life.

In a compelling narrative and more than 100 stunning photographs, McAllister captures these majestic animals fishing for salmon, stalking seals hauled out on rocks, playing on the beach,and raising their families.

Enough can not be said about how splendid and wild this book is! The photography alone is stunning, but the stories told by the author of encounters with wolves and grizzly bears along the Pacific coast of British Columbia will make your spine tingle. It’s a book every wolf enthusiast should own.

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