Idaho governor signs bill designed to kill wolves until they are (almost) wiped out

wolf hunting and trappingThe wolf hating governor of Idaho signed a bill into law which is designed to kill wolves until they have been pushed back to the minimum number allowed before being relisted under the Endangered Species Act.

Estimates now put the wolf population in Idaho at around 500 – 600 wolves. This bill, now law, hopes to kill all but 150, the minimum allowed by federal law. The law creates a ‘Wolf Control Board’ with members including employees of the state Fish and Game departments, hunters, cattle ranchers, and others appointed by the governor. This board will plan and implement a number of lethal control methods to kill wolves.

Other than Colorado (which has zero wolves), Idaho contains more undeveloped forested land than any other state in the lower 48. This vast wilderness area is home to an estimated 3,000 mountain lions, 20,000 black bears and 45,000 coyotes.

At the end of federal protection, the wolf population in Idaho peaked at around 1,000, a low number compared to the other top predators. After wolves were delisted in 2011 and wolf hunting and trapping became legal, the population plummeted to it’s current number of 500 – 600.

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