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Dear Visitor,

Among my favorite books in my personal library are the books listed below, and I’d love to share them with you. The photographs and stories in these books are dear to my heart, and have helped foster and grow my love for wolves.

I think you will love them too!

– Casey (creator of All-About-Wolves.com)

‘Brother Wolf: A Forgotten Promise’ is my personal all-time favorite wolf book. The photography of the wild wolves, the bears, the eagles, the ravens and the other wildlife in northern Minnesota is like nothing you will ever see anywhere else.

Photographer and storyteller Jim Brandenburg also offers rich stories about his encounters with the wildlife on the trails around his home tucked deep in the woods.

You will love this book!

In ‘Chased by the Light’, National Geographic Photographer Jim Brandenburg takes a 90 day journey in which he shoots only one photograph per day in the deep woods of Northern Minnesota. This exercise in self discipline and patience resulted in a collection of photos that is rich, beautiful, sometimes haunting, and always inspiring. This project, and this book, launched Jim’s fame into unparalleled realms.

This book is a must-own for anyone who loves untamed places and wild animals.

The wolves of the high arctic have lived hundreds of years with no human harassment, and as a result are incredibly approachable and un-shy. In ‘White Wolf: Living With an Arctic Legend ‘, National Geographic Photographer Jim Brandenburg documents the time he spent in the brutal wilds of the far northern reaches of the Canadian tundra with the company of wolves who were just as curious about him as he was of them.

The awesome photographs of arctic wolves and their prey is reason enough to own this book.

Famous wolf biologist David mech accompanied photographer Jim Brandenburg into the high arctic to study these mysterious wolves. In ‘Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation ‘, Mech tells the stories of what he learned while in the company of these wolves.

Mech’s detailed lessons on how the arctic wolves live in such a brutal setting is a feast for any wolf lover.

In this fictional tale of Cutuk, an American boy who grows up in a sod igloo among wolves and eskimos in the wild’s of Alaska, author Seth Kantner brings us a coming-of-age novel that sings to the hearts of everyone who loves wild landscapes, wild animals, and wild people. This novel is brutally honest while also being captivating and humbling.

‘Ordinary Wolves’ is no ordinary book. It will stay with you for years after reading it.

“As if appearing in a dream, a stream of wolves emerged from the forest edge.”

So begins The Last Wild Wolves: Ghosts of the Rain Forest, an exhilarating journey to one of the planet’s most spectacular regions–Canada’s North Pacific coast, our largest intact temperate Rain Forest and one of the last places where wolves live wild and undisturbed.

Award-winning writer and wildlife photographer Ian McAllister draws from his intimate observations of more than forty wolf packs along this rugged coastline over a seventeen-year period in this first-ever documentation of their fascinating,
complex way of life.

In a compelling narrative and more than 100 stunning photographs, McAllister captures these majestic animals fishing for salmon, stalking seals hauled out on rocks, playing on the beach, and raising their families.

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